Chicken Salad Recipes by Sexy Gourmet Chef

Chicken Salad Recipes Chef Natacha Mannhart

Chicken Salad Recipe by Top French Chef Natacha Mannhart Enjoy this delicious Chicken Salad. Watch the video Find the complete recipe


About sexygourmetchef

Natacha is a business woman and talent born and raised in France. She started her early career in the hospitality industry and worked in the field for more than 15 years prior moving to the US. Natacha Mannhart has been traveling all around the world managing restaurant's team and cooking with the most prestigious French Chefs. She has successfully created her production company and she is actually working on her first 3D cooking show. The past 3 years she has also been successfully coaching and motivating peoples in the field of goals setting and personal life achievement. France, UK, United States Restaurant Manager and celebrity Chef. Education 1992-2011 Activities and Societies: Cordon Bleu Culinary school France, Accounting and Management Post Graduate UK, MBA Degree University of Phoenix (on progress)

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  1. Comment and Share, all the ingredients are organic, fresh and delicious. It is so simple to realize this great Chicken Salad Recipe and so easy.

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    Recipe 28: Chicken Salad Recipe

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